The internet has provided many people with an avenue to not only connect with their loved but to also conduct business and sell products online as well.
That being said, the services of a top hosting provider will be needed in order for people to have their own websites up and running.
Typically, people would rely on shared hosting plans as they are the cheapest of the bunch. This is where a website owner will have their pages be placed in a single server alongside other webmasters as well.
Although it is quite inexpensive and is the perfect plan for both casual users and small business owners, it doesn’t offer robust performance at all for the reason that the server’s resources could potentially be acquired by only a couple of websites.
For the best performance imaginable, one must consider getting a dedicated hosting service. This is where you will be given one server all to yourself. That means that you can do a lot of things like installing your very own operating system, have the bandwidth all to yourself, and many more.
The problem with dedicated hosting is that it is also the most expensive among the bunch and because it is quite expensive, only big businesses can afford such.
Now, these hosting plans are both extremes. One would provide an inexpensive service that has a relatively good performance while the other would provide the best possible performance at a huge cost.
What if there is a way to bridge the best of both worlds? There is actually a hosting plan that does that and that is VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and as the name implies, it is a hosting plan that makes use of virtualization software to create virtual servers for the use of their customers.
Remember that in dedicated hosting, an actual server will be given to the customer so that they can run their own websites on that server for maximum performance.
In VPS hosting, a person will still have their website placed alongside other websites in the same server (the same as in shared hosting), but the main difference is that your website will actually be placed in a virtual server.
What does this all mean to a layman? Well, since you basically have your own virtual server, it is akin to having your own physical server in terms of performance. You have your dedicated resources such as bandwidth and storage space and the performance of your website is somewhat similar to having your website placed in a dedicated physical server.
What makes VPS hosting quite an appealing option is the fact that it is priced just right. This makes it an amazing choice for people who are looking to put up their own online businesses, simply because the price is just right and the performance is like what you can expect in a dedicated server.
The cool thing to keep in mind is that in this day and age, most VPS hosting plans are rather inexpensive now and there really is no reason for small and medium business owners not to take advantage of this opportunity.