There is no denying how important an architect is in the construction of a building. They make the designs that would make us marvel at the finished product.

From tall and beautiful skyscrapers to those buildings that we stop to look at every time we see it, these buildings are created by very talented architects and it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them.

That being said, Malaysia is known for some of the best top architects in the world. Today, I am going to be talking about some of the best Architectural Firms in Malaysia.

ArchiCentre Sdn Bhd

This firm was founded by Ar Lim Wei Hong, Ar Dr Tan Loke Mun, Ar Ng Hai Yean, and Ar Teoh Chee Wui back in 1994. It serves as a multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm in Malaysia.

This firm is known for its large scale town and city planning through hospitality, residential, commercial, and adaptive re-use projects.

Some of the firm’s projects include the Armanee Terrace Marketing, Almas at Putri Harbour, Aeropod at Tanjung Aru, Bakita at Changkat Bukit Bintang, among many others.

This is a company that has been awarded the prestigious BCI Asia Top 10 Architect Awards back in 2018.

MJKanny Architect

Founded by the firm’s principal architect, Ar Melvyn Joachim Kanny back in 2002, this architecture firm is responsible for creating large business organizations in Malaysia.

They specialize in interior design, master planning, concepts, project management, and the inclusion of landscape design in buildings.

Some of their famous works include the Jandabaik Twin Bungalows, Lulu Island Resort, and the Mines Waterfront Development and Venice Apartments.

W Design Associates Sdn Bhd

Established in 2008, this company is well-known for its designs that are used in residential high-rise developments, combined commercial developments, and industrial parks, among many others.

It was founded by Ar Ng Kok Keng and Ar Hanc Wang Hon Choon, this company is known for the creation of the Millerz Square and Tropicana Aman, among many others.

CKHO Architect

The CKHO Architecture Firm was founded by Ar Ho Chin Keng and it specializes in planning, architectural concepts, research and design, interior design services, measured drawing for residential, commercial, industrial, heritage buildings, institute complex, mix developments, and many more.

The company was one of the first architecture firms that have won the prestigious International Holcim Awards in Malaysia.


This company is a multi-disciplinary firm that was founded by Architect Nora Che Idris. It is renowned for completing the Skypark Hangar and the Rawang Specialist Hospital.

The firm has won the Gold Award for Category 8 Commercial High Rise for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption commission back in the 2018 PAM Awards.

Wooi Architect

Established back in 1996 by the company’s founder, Architect Wooi Lok Kuang, the Wooi Architectural firm handled a lot of pretty interesting projects, including the House 9 in Shah Alam, and the Ting Residence, among many others.

It won a gold medal award under the Category 1 Single Residential Project for the company’s work on the Heng House project in the PAM Awards in 2018.