Malaysia has some amazing places and if you happen to be in Melaka, then your itinerary will be filled with fun and exciting things to do.
Whether you want to get your fill in the area’s various night markets or if you hire an escort girl service, there are a lot of things for everyone.

Today, I am going to talk about the top things that you can do in Melaka.


Melaka is one of the parts of Malaysia that was colonized by the Dutch. That being said, the Stadthuys was known to be a town hall and it is believed to be one of the first Dutch buildings in the East.

It was built 1641 and it is now a museum complex that houses many different artifacts like the bird-shaped longboats, for example.
People can go here during 10:30 AM- 2:30 PM as there will be a guided tour that is absolutely free of charge. This is ideal for people who want to learn a bit of history of this place.

Geographer Café

This café is part of the famous Jonker Street and it serves Western-style dishes. The locals say that you definitely have to try their breakfast offerings and their famous black coffee along with it as well.

Salud Tapas

The beauty of Malaysia and in Melaka, in particular, is that it is filled with diverse cultures that translate not only to the art but also to the food.

That being said, Salud Tapas is a tapas bar that provides anyone with a taste of Spain. Not only do they offer Spanish foods, but you can also enjoy that with some Sangria or other alcoholic beverage of your choice.

And oh, it also helps that the head chef is actually pure Spanish and all of the ingredients are flown in from Spain- assuring you that everything is authentic.

Daily Fix

The name of the café serves amazing breakfast meals which makes it moniker just as fitting as can be. You can order their signature French Toast with Eggs Benedict for only RM18 and RM29, respectively.

Red Handicrafts

This small arts & crafts store is owned by Ray Tan and he can make custom-made Chinese and Japanese-inspired organic patterns. The good thing is that you can watch him as he creates the handicrafts that you’ve ordered.

Pampas Sky Bar

Located at the 41st Floor of the Shore Complex, the Pampas Skybar is a bar and steakhouse combo that provides you with delicious foods and a relaxing atmosphere.
One standout feature of the bar is that you can actually dine alfresco that gives you an even better view of the entire city.

Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

This is a traditional Peranakan townhouse that gives you a trip to memory lane; back to a time where women had to peer through decorative partitions just to look at the guests.
There is a guided tour every 30 minutes with the last one being an hour before closing time.

Masjid Kampung Kling

This is a mosque that has received many makeovers during the many years it has stood still. It combines several styles including Hindu and Moorish styles.