1. Failure to optimize blog images

A good blog has relevant content, and at the same time, has well-optimized, quality images. If
you are not familiar with image optimization, now is the best time to read about it. It will help
improve your Google Page Speed score, and then generate more visitors in the long run. There
are tons of reliable plugin images you can use for your WordPress blog.

2. Not using an SEO-optimized blog theme

Do you want to improve your blog’s search engine ranking? Then, you need to use an SEO-
optimized blog theme. Many newbies also missed out on this information. There are tons of
WordPress themes out there that come with reliable SEO optimization. Just choose one,
depending on your own preferences.

3. Failure to focus on content and readability

Consistent, readable content is one of the most crucial aspects of your blogging success. If you
don’t want to make any more SEO mistakes, you need to pay more attention to content creation.
Feel free to use different online services and platforms that can help you make quality content
which would be readable and consistent.

4. Using the wrong set of keywords

Learning how to monetize your blog in Malaysia can be overwhelming for beginners. One of the
aspects that you should focus on is the use of the right keywords. Your SEO strategy will highly
depend on correct keyword selection. Look keywords that best represent your content, and which
are low in competition.

5. Failure to address slow-loading times

A blog’s average loading time impacts abandonment ratio and traffic volume. If a reader clicks
on a slow-loading web page, and it takes quite a lot of time to load, chances are, this reader will
abandon the page. Of course, he would move to another website with a better, faster
Many beginner bloggers fail to focus on his aspect of blogging, and in turn, their visitor count is
not increasing.