1. Make your web content reachable.

Starting a new blog is not an easy job. There are plenty of things to focus on, and one of those is optimizing posts to reach your target audience. Find a reliable SEO agency in Malaysia that can help you with your goals. You can also start to apply simple best practices to your content. Add internal links to your already-published content, and use relevant anchor text.

2. Optimize and measure.

SEO copywriting is an art in itself. However, you can never get away from technicalities. To make sure that your website is performing well, click-through rates, bounce rates, engagement rates and more must be monitored.

3. Plan your content ahead through keyword research.

Keyword research may appear like a time-consuming task, but never skip it. This process can help you pick the best SEO keywords to use, and the best topics to write about. By implementing keyword research, and planning your content immediately, you can determine the following:

4. Outline your blog content.

Outlining the content you would want to post next will save you lots of time in the long run. By thinking more about your content structure, you can:

  • write a lot faster
  • Keep your articles focused on the primary points with utmost clarity
  • Neve r waste the time of your readers by integrating unnecessary tangents

5. Follow good on-page SEO best practices.

Now that you are done focusing your content on what your reader wants, it’s finally time to explore SEO’s technical side much further. Below are some of the on-page SEO components that you must integrate in your copy:

  • The body copy
  • Image file names
  • Alt image tags
  • The title tag
  • The meta description
  • The URL
  • The H1 tag
  • Maybe an H2 tag or two